Over doing the “good”

It’s a wide spread stereotype that Canadians are very polite. Sure, courtesy may be a bit more common than with our southern counterpart, but it’s definitely another case of a stereotype following some form of truth in a wide generalization that can’t possibly live up to itself with a population spanning more than 10. We have our assholes. We have our intolerance, arrogance, ignorance, and all the like. The confusion stems from a country widely based on being passive-aggressive push overs.

Let’s give an example. If a person was to make an aggressive complaint to the government that “white” bread should no longer be made/sold in Canada because it’s a symbol of discrimination and how “white” people, like the bread, are more common and accepted. Instead of wiping this absurdity away, the government would back down and give into said person as much as they could without completely messing things up. It’s a mentality of “I don’t want a law suit and/or be made to look like the ‘bad’ guy.”
**I am exaggerating for any who may look past the point**

I’ve come to realize that there really can be too much of a good thing. There are many examples of this other than what I wrote above.

A similar example is one within me that I live every day.

I would say that I’m what you would call a “nice guy.” I slip up every now and then, sure. I’m nothing near perfect. But if someone talks to me, I’ll respond. If they ask me a question, I’ll answer. I say please and thank you and all the other usual niceties. I’ll go out of my way to hold the door, but biggest of all is I will hold my tongue. Regardless of how I feel, I will never say anything to ignite or fuel a conflict with someone I don’t really know. I may make jokes, or vent to someone I know quite well. But if I’m walking down the street and I accidentally bump into someone and spill their drink or some such. I will immediately apologize and offer to replace or make up for it. Even if said incident is faulted by said person. My brain is programmed to “be nice and move on. It’s not worth the hassle.”

Now comes in the over compensation. I can take it to a further level than people are used to seeing. It seems people don’t notice that I’m being polite and trying my hardest to respect them to the fullest of my ability. And/or since it’s not usual, their brain quickly goes to “CHANGE! PANIC, I DON’T LIKE THAT WHICH IS DIFFERENT!” Seems that no matter what I say or do, many people will interpret it as creepy or weird, leaving me out of the possibility of having some sort of joint within the figurative circle.

Maybe contributing factors could also be that I’m unpopular and unattractive. But also maybe I’m over thinking things as per usual. My mind wanders and goes to odd and random places a lot.




Imagine a bridge.

Imagine a fire.

Imagine that bridge covered in that fire.

Imagine a bunch of bridges covered in a bunch of fires.

Realize those bridges are people.

Realize those fires are one’s stupidity.

You have now successfully pictured a general synopsis of my life.

The ruins standing as an everlasting reminder of regret.